Flex Expanded Flashing

Flex Expanded Flashing
-- Shanghai Toptape Industrial Material Co., Ltd

1. Description

Flex Expanded Flashing is a flexible ribbon sealing waterproof material composed of rubber, butyl adhesive and aluminum mesh three-layer material combination, which is the best solution for waterproofing roof nodes, while providing excellent UV resistance. Easy to construct and expand, it is the best alternative to aluminum waterproofing panels, which meet the waterproofing requirements of almost all types of roofing, including tiles, slate and metal roofs. Can be stretched in any direction, safe to use, light weight but resistant to strong tearing, with good self-adhesive fusion performance.

2. Application

Suitable for roof node sealing, door and window waterproof sealing, solar flood water sealing and many other fields; Suitable for roof waterproofing systems, such as chimney openings, sunroofs, fan bases, solar panel bases, etc., applied to waterproof parts or roof node waterproofing. 

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