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Over the years, Toptape® grew from its humble beginnings into an expert in the pipeline, construction, aerospace/composite, telecommunication, automotive, and HVAC industries. We consistently push the limits of sealant and adhesive technology, designing new techniques to meet the world’s increasingly challenging requirements. Innovation is a prime component of our DNA, and we consistently drive the industry, pushing the limits of sealant and adhesive technologies. Call us today, and you will understand why we say, “Stick to Quality!”

Butyl Foil Tape Production

The aluminum foil attaches with butyl rubber and consists of a backing. And coat with strong butyl mastic glue. They are protected by white or blue LDPE liners. In particular, it is a perfect self-adhesive sealing tape. Incredibly suitable for sunshine room roof or ceiling waterproof, to seal the gap between top and windows and seal the pipes and cars. Thus, it is an ideal tape for leak repair. Additionally, we guarantee 99% of the moisture leakage is applicable. While applying this tape, please ensure the surface is firm, clean, and oil-free. Process of Butyl Foil Tape Production: First, we will use different thicknesses of dead soft pure aluminum or woven foil backing, then coat with high adhesion butyl rubber mastic adhesive. The total thickness can be 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, etc. Second, we laminate the white or blue LDPE liner onto the backing material. Finally, we use our lathe slitting machines to cut the jumbo rolls to different standard or non-standard widths and lengths of small rolls.

Double-sided butyl tape Production

Double-sided butyl tape is mainly made of butyl rubber and poly isobutene blending. By unique production formula, using the latest patented technology, through a unique process that produces environmentally friendly double-sided butyl adhesive tape. It has strong adhesion to various surfaces. In addition, double-sided sealing butyl tape does not contain any solvents; it is not shrinking, not emit toxic gases. And convenient construction makes it become a rare waterproof sealing material in construction. Widely used in foundation engineering roof waterproofing, underground facilities waterproofing, tunnel, water supply, drainage works, etc. Butyl tapes are gaining much acceptance in the automotive and DIY sectors due to their impressive elasticity and adhesion.


Our prices are subject to change depending on supply and other market factors. We will send you an updated price list after your company contacts us for further information.

Yes, we have strong developing team. The products can be made according to your request.

Yes, we require all international orders to have an ongoing minimum order quantity. If you are looking to resell but in much smaller quantities, we recommend you check out our website

Yes, we can provide most documentation including Certificates of Analysis / Conformance; Insurance; Origin, and other export documents where required.

Sample Order: 1-3 days after receipt of the full payment. 

Stock Order: 3-7days after receipt of the full payment.

OEM Order: 12-20days after receipt of the deposit. 


For samples, the lead time is about 3 days. For mass production, the lead time is 12-20 days after receiving the deposit payment. The lead times become effective when (1) we have received your deposit, and (2) we have your final approval for your products. If our lead times do not work with your deadline, please go over your requirements with your sale. In all cases we will try to accommodate your needs. In most cases we are able to do so.

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You can make the payment to our bank account, Western Union or PayPal:
30% deposit in advance, 70% balance against the copy of B/L.

We warranty our materials and workmanship. Our commitment is to your satisfaction with our products. In warranty or not, it is the culture of our company to address and resolve all customer issues to everyone’s satisfaction

Yes, we always use high quality export packaging. We also use specialized hazard packing for dangerous goods and validated cold storage shippers for temperature sensitive items. Specialist packaging and non-standard packing requirements may incur an additional charge.

The shipping cost depends on the way you choose to get the goods. Express is normally the most quickest but also most expensive way. By seafreight is the best solution for big amounts. Exactly freight rates we can only give you if we know the details of amount, weight and way. Please contact us for further information.

Please let me know the specification thickness,width,length)quality, application and other requirements according to your needs so that we can offer you an accurate quotation.

Our adhesive tape and film has equivalent by compare with 3m.

We can offer print shink film,designed card and designed core. Its an easy job that putting your brand logo on the tape.
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Butyl tape is an example of a synthetic rubber adhesive. It’s a solvent-based adhesive that is formulated in the lab instead of coming from a rubber tree. All types of rubber adhesive are thermoplastic, so exposure to high heat will soften the adhesive and impact its effectiveness. However, butyl adhesives are formulated to be less sensitive to temperature variations. They stay more flexible in cold weather and more stable in high temperatures than natural rubber adhesives. Because butyl tapes are extremely durable, with have good flex properties, they are often used in applications where an airtight bond is required. In fact, most butyl tapes also come with a liner since the adhesive system is aggressive and forms a permanent bond to the surface it sticks to – even if that surface is itself!

Its primary function is that it is used as a sealant, stopping air, water and dust movement or flow, for example, from point A to point B.

A good quality Butyl tape will not harden. The beauty of this product is that it never gets hard.

Yes, one of the main applications of butyl tape is sealing the side and the end laps on metal roofing.

Butyl tape does not harden, crack and then leak. It stays permanently elastic. It is also generally more cost effective and has less waste.

Yes, we have 2 laboratory centers which conduct all deferent tests as customer required, like properties, life time, UV, etc.

The sample is free, however please provide the courier account or undertake the courier cost for delivering.

Shanghai port, China.

1 year warranty for all kinds of products; 

If you find any defective accessories, we will give you new part for free in next order.

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