Butyl Rubber Pib honeycombed mesh Tape with Aluminium Surface

Butyl Rubber Pib honeycombed mesh Tape with Aluminium Surface
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1. Description

Aluminum mesh flashing belt is a non-lead flashing product, which is made of modified polymer weather-resistant rubber, soft and smooth aluminum mesh and modified polymer self-adhesive adhesive layer. Is a high performance product that is easy to apply and UV resistant. Can be stretched in any direction, safe to use, light in weight but tear-resistant. This flexible product has good self-adhesive fusion properties.

2. Application

The aluminum mesh flashing can be cut freely with scissors, shaped by hand, and then rolled and pasted with a manual roller. The bonding surface should be dry and free of dust, oil and any loose debris. It is suitable for roof joint sealing, door and window waterproof sealing, solar flooding sealing and many other fields.

2. More Info

  • Material: polyis Obut Ylen (PIB) with aluminium stretch grid inlay and butyl adhesive edges.
  • Temperature resistance: -40 ºC to + 100 ºC based on DIN 52133
  • UV resistance: in according to DIN EN ISO 4892
  • Width: 280 mm, Height:

This flashing roof tape is ideal for chimneys, bays, and roof windows installation. The bracelet is of very high quality and is equipped with a butyl adhesive that provides a secure connection with different surfaces. This product is permanent against weather conditions, such as UV rays, forestry, rain, and humidity resistant. Application is for sealing and processing, especially in chimneys in the loft, bay, and roof windows. It also can be used as a connecting piece between the roof and wall space. It is in almost all roof covers such as ceramic tiles, concrete roof stone, Ziegelförmiges Tin Roof, trapezoidal sheet metal, Profiliertes Aluminium Sheet Metal, etc. High quality provides rest, safety, warranty durability, and a healthy climate at home. This flashing roof tape can be manufactured to a Handwerksgerecht with standard tools and relax in. It is malleable plastic and adapts to the grill grating insert roof fit contours. It’s a jungle out there, but Selbstverschweißende quality of the materials means that you don’t need additional soldering or no need to clogging. Technical details: Length: 5mtr. Width: 280 mm, height: ADHESIVE Material: Butyl Adhesive Caterpillar temperature resistance from -40 °C to + 100 ° according to DIN 52133

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