Self Fusing Insulating Clay

Electrical Insulating Putty Tape
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1. Description

electrical insulation putty is in the form of tape, used to insulate irregular surfaces such as fittings and valves. This self-fusing electrical grade tape can be stretched or wound to help insulate connections up to 600 volts. It can withstand a temperature range of 32 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 80 degrees Celsius).

2. Application

Mainly used for 600V joint insulation
Sealing protection of non-standard contacts such as high-voltage connectors and busbars in the distribution box
Waterproof sealing of high pressure joints
Optical backlight reflection film (double silver reflection, silver reflection, black silver reflection, ultra-thin high-brightness reflection), 3M backlight ESR, iTO conductive film, electro-optical film, lamp diffusion film/uniform light film, lamp reflection film, fluoroplastic film, protective film , Release adhesive, ITO conductive film, Bright Silver Dragon, Brightening film, optical products 8173D, various specifications OCA (8146-4/8146-5, LG, etc.) optical adhesive series products!
Undertake all kinds of processing: die-cutting and punching/slitting/slitting/rewinding/laminating, etc., welcome to consult!

3. Self fusing tape Application example

Electrical insulation for joint/connection part of electrical cable

4.How to use

1-1. Unwind the tape and wind up to the cable with stretching it to 2 – 2.5 times length than the original length. (Please peel off the liner first in case of a liner type tape ; NO.11/NO.66.

2-2. Winding up with half wrapping. (overlap in width direction)

2-3. Wrapping the tape until thickness is much enough as your specification.

2-4. The winding end cuts the tape without tension.

2-5. The terminal part is applied thumb pressure lightly and held without stretching. Then add finger pressure and well compressed.

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